Harry Reeves Memorial Revolver Shoots

revolver 175Harry Reeves, a legendary pistol shooter famed for his talents with a revolver, won six NRA National Pistol Championship titles.

Though Reeves passed on years ago, competitive revolver shoots are routinely held around the country in memory of the man, the gun, and the sport, including national matches at Camp Perry.

AIM-COMM typically conducts several Harry Reeves Memorial Revolver Shoots each year.

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Harry Reeves Revolver Shoots

The following shoots are held at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range, at 1501 College Road, in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Scheduled Shoots:

  • Friday, November 25, 2022 - 9:30 AM start (please arrive 15 minutes prior)
  • TBA


$15.00. Please bring $15.00 to the match in the form of cash, or a check made out to AIM-COMM.

Sign up:

>> RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to help organizers get an idea on how many competitors there will be for this event. Bring your equipment and registration fee to the event!
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For more info:

Contact Paul Maki by phone at 907-388-3640 or by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Harry Reeves Revolver Shoots
Course of Fire

All revolver, all centerfire, all open sight, and all one-handed!

Only safe, center-fire revolvers, with iron sights, and maximum caliber of .45 (range limit) may be fired in this competition. Magnum pistols are allowed but no magnum ammunition may be used in this match.

The course of fire is two Gallery Courses (60 shots total, 600 points). A Gallery Course  is 10 shots Slow-Fire (10 minutes to fire 10 shots), 10 shots Timed-Fire (20 seconds allowed for each five- shot string), and 10 shots Rapid-Fire (10 seconds allowed for each five-shot string). Targets are B-2s (Slow-Fire) and B-3s (Timed and Rapid-Fire), all at 50 feet.

Firing is conducted with one hand. No artificial support, gloves, or braces are permitted. NRA Conventional Pistol Rules apply. There may be two relays, each with up to 10 competitors on the firing line.


  • Centerfire revolvers only (no .22s/rimfire)
  • Any caliber from .32 to .45; no magnum ammunition
  • Open (iron) sights only
  • 60 shots at 50 feet
  • Six (6) targets total:
    • two (2) slow fire (B2 targets)
    • two (2) timed fire (B3 targets)
    • two (2) rapid fire (B3 targets)
  • Warm-up shots are allowed
  • No artificial support, gloves, or braces are permitted

The Stars and Stripes 1954 Harry ReevesFrom Stars & Stripes in September 1954:

Cop Leading In Pistol Shoot

CAMP PERRY, Ohio, Sept. 1 (Special) - As gusty 25-mph winds quartered across the range yesterday, Lt. Harry Reeves of the Detroit police force took the lead in the first phase of the National Pistol Championship. Reeves, the defending champion, had a score of 861 out of a possible 900. - Stars & Stripes, September 2, 1954

Detroit Policeman Nears 6th Crown In Perry Match

CAMP PERRY, Sept. 2 (Special) Detroit Police Lt Harry Reeves yesterday came a step closer with his bid to retain the national individual pistol championship.

At the conclusion of yesterday's matches Reeves had a combined aggregate of 1,731 out of a possible 1,800, as the tourney neared the two-thirds mark.

His margin virtually assures him of his sixth championship when the third and final round is fired today. He would be the first person ever to win the pistol crown that many times. - Stars & Stripes, September 3, 1954

Cop Retains Pistol Crown

CAMP PERRY, Ohio, Sept. 3 (Special) - The 1954 national pistol championship was won for the sixth time yesterday by Lt Harry Reeves of the Detroit police force. Reeves, the “automatic man” of shooting, took the top pistol title again this year, beating out his nearest opponent, J. C. White of the U.S. Border Patrol, by 15 points - 2,587-2,572.
Reeves' 1954 victory was a repeat of 1953 and the sixth time he has won the title since his first victory in 1940.  - Stars & Stripes, September 4, 1954

Harry Wendell Reeves...

...born December 3, 1910, died February 5, 2001, at age 90. Reeves was a premier pistol shooter of his day, and favored the revolver. He won the National Pistol Championship six times.

Harry Reeves Detroit PoliceIn 1934, Reeves, as a Marine corporal, won the Navy Championship in the Navy Games and continued to excel in Marine Corps competition until 1937 when he joined the Detroit Police Department. Reeves served again with the Marine Corps, for World War II, serving from 1940 until 1946. In 1946, he left active duty for the Marine Reserves and returned to the Detroit Police Department where he served until retirement as an inspector in 1964.

As a Marine corporal in 1941, Reeves became the first shooter to fire a score of 2600 or over in a NRA conventional "2700" tournament. His score was 2609, which beat the previous record of 2588. Reeves was a member of six World Championship and Olympic teams and won medals on most. He was the first to shoot a "possible" in registered competition when he fired a 200x200 in a timed-fire .22 caliber event. Under the national record rules, he continued to fire additional shots and "cleaned" those also for a 300x300.

One the most notable Harry Reeves anecdotes comes from the 1953 National Matches at Camp Perry. Facing off against his usual rival, Army Master Sergeant Huelet "Joe" Benner, Reeves competed with a case of strep throat. Despite his fever of 104 degrees, Reeves held off his opponent, winning his 5th National Title with a score of 2,606. [Source: http://www.nrablog.com/post/2009/07/14/Harry-Reeves-Memorial-Revolver-Match.aspx (Accessed 11-21-12)]

The Harry Reeves Memorial Trophy was established at the National Police Shooting Championships as a way to recognize Reeves' accomplishments and memorial revolver shoots are conducted around the country to honor the man, the gun, and the sport.

(Information compiled from various sources, including the NRA Museum and Blog.)

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