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Common Queries and Questions about the Fairbanks Fish and Game Range
AIM-COMM is a recognized non-profit, partner, organization to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range in Fairbanks. AIM-COMM has a written, cooperative, agreement with ADF&G. AIM-COMM supports the range and assists ADF&G with a number of range programs and events. The range is owned and operated by ADF&G.
Successful completion of the Range Orientation and Safety Briefing is required in order to use the live-fire range during walk-in public shooting hours. Orientations are given anytime during walk-in public shooting hours (as long as there is at least a half-hour left before closing and as long as it is not too busy) and Range ID cards (small fee applies) are issued to individuals who complete the orientation. If you have already completed the orientation, and have a range ID number (or card), then you can just check-in and wait for a range staff member to assist you and assign you a shooting lane.
The live-fire range at the Fairbanks Fish and Game Range is designed to accommodate .22 rimfire (non-magnum) rifles, air rifles, and handguns up to .45 in caliber. Centerfire rifles and .17-caliber and .22 Magnum firearms/ammunition are prohibited due to our ceiling baffle and bullet trap limitations. The range orientation provides more information about the capabilities of the live-fire range and what can and cannot be fired. Please ask a range staff member if you have any questions about what can be fired in the live-fire range.
The indoor live-fire range is 50-feet (16.67 yards) long, from firing line to bullet trap. Each lane is approximately 5-feet wide.
Yes! Ask a range staff member during walk-in public shooting hours about purchasing a gift certificate for range time.
The minimum age to use the range during Walk-in Public Shooting Hours is 10. Range staff members supervising walk-in public shooting hours, at their discretion, may make exceptions (typically only within a year or so of age 10) to this age guideline in cases involving well-behaved, mature, safe and responsible youth who demonstrate an understanding of firearms safety, and who are accompanied by an adult who is already familiar with the range. The range sometimes conducts other events where the minimum age is different.
"Holster work" is not permitted during walk-in public use hours at the Fairbanks Fish and Game indoor shooting range. We do allow holster work for approved events (like law enforcement training and some firearms training classes) supervised by approved Responsible Parties (instructors, trainers, etc.), outside of our walk-in, public use hours. If you are a firearms trainer or member of law enforcement with more questions related to using the range for "holster work," contact us via email at
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