We are here to help!

We are here to help! Want to know more about the range or AIM-COMM? Interested in firearms training, or classes, or competitive shooting events? Want to improve your marksmanship or learn more about firearm safety? Say hello and let us know what we can help you with! We can also refer you to other Ambassadors, AIM-COMM trainers, and Fish and Game Range Staff members who may be able to assist you.
Sign showing an AIM-COMM  volunteer Range Ambassador on duty in the live-fire range at the Fairbanks Fish and Game Indoor Shooting Range.

On duty Range Ambassadors

When an AIM-COMM volunteer Range Ambassador elects to go on duty in the live-fire range at the Fairbanks Fish and Game Indoor Shooting Range, they will place their Range Ambassador placard (sign) into the holder next to the airlock entrance into the live-fire range. If you see one of these signs in the holder, look for the Ambassador. Ambassadors will have an ID Badge along with a visible armband or vest.

Please say hello to our volunteer Range Ambassadors!

Deborah Gonzalez
Deborah GonzalezRange Ambassador - 2024
Ulises Gonzalez
Ulises GonzalezRange Ambassador - 2024
Don Logan
Don LoganRange Ambassador - 2024
Glenn Miller
Glenn MillerRange Ambassador - 2024
Cliff Seibel
Cliff SeibelRange Ambassador - 2024

AIM-COMM Volunteer Range Ambassadors are nominated, selected, trained and approved on a case-by-case basis.

To be eligible to serve as a Range Ambassador, individuals must:

  • Have an established Range ID number at the Fairbanks Fish and Game Range and be very familiar with the facility

  • Be certified as a Firearm Instructor with the NRA or other credible organization and/or be certified as an NRA Range Safety Officer

  • Demonstrate a proper and safe attitude towards firearms handling and instruction

  • Possess the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively communicate, instruct, guide, and assist others with firearms safety

  • Be current with First-Aid and CPR training

  • Meet other program provisions

About the Range Ambassador Program

The “Range Ambassador Program” (RAP) is a joint effort between AIM-COMM and Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range (HEDR), in Fairbanks, Alaska, for the purpose of:

  • Fostering a safe, welcoming, and user-friendly environment at the range

  • Promoting firearms education and responsibility

  • Offering a training opportunity for firearms instructors and range safety officers

  • Promoting the HEDR and related opportunities within the community

  • Promoting AIM-COMM and related opportunities within the community

Interested in becoming a Range Ambassador?

Do you meet the eligibility requirements listed on this page? If so, and if you are interested in becoming a Range Ambassador, please email with an introduction and explain why you would like to be considered. Ambassador positions are limited in number. Ambassadors must be nominated and meet eligibility and program provisions and must be approved by AIM-COMM and the ADF&G HEDR.