Sign up with a range staff member during walk-in public shooting hours to start!

The "QUAL" programs are easy to start! Sign up, and start shooting the first level of the program. The qual sheets available at the range explain what to do. Range staff members can help you and will record your scores on "Qual Cards" to keep track of your progress. When you are ready to fire the final, Distinguished Expert (DE) level, for record, coordinate with a range staff member - we schedule times for the "DE shoots." (The DE level needs to be witnessed by a range staff member if you wish to be entered into the drawing for a new gun.) There is no additional cost to participate in the Marksmanship Qualification Program, other than your lane time and targets - you provide your own gun and ammo. Questions? Just ask a range staff member during walk-in public shooting hours at the range!

REMEMBER, the range-administered qualification programs are based on the calendar year and "reset" at the end of the year.


There are three different NRA Marksmanship Qualification "disciplines" administered at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range in Fairbanks:

  • .22 Rifle (including Prone/Benchrest, Standing, and 3-Position)
  • Pistol (by gun/caliber)
  • Bullseye (Pistol) (aggregate course)

Within each discipline there are various options a shooter can elect to fire. For example, with .22 Rifle, a shooter can choose to start the Prone/Benchrest qual, or the Standing qual, or the 3-Position qual! The qualification courses for each discipline are revised as appropriate, and with permission from the NRA, for use at the range. Skill levels, as noted below, must be fired and achieved in order.

Skill Levels / Ratings

  • Pro-Marksman << START ON THIS ONE!
  • Marksman
  • Marksman 1st Class
  • Sharpshooter
  • Expert
  • Distinguished Expert << EARN "DE" AND YOU COULD WIN A GUN! (See program details)


The program is administered on an annual (Jan-Dec) basis, for shooters ages 10 and older, so shooters may earn a Distinguished Expert rating for each calendar year. Firing of all targets must be completed at the Fairbanks ADF&G Indoor Range and firing of the Distinguished Expert level must be witnessed by an NRA Member or a NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO), Instructor, or Coach. The witness must have a current NRA member ID or number. In order to be eligible for the new gun incentive awards, the witness must be a range staff member. There is no additional cost for the shooter to participate in the qualification program at the range though participants are responsible for their own targets, ammunition, and lane time, and may purchase skill rating awards as appropriate.

The range-administered qualification programs are based on the calendar year and "reset" at the end of the year. To participate in another year, a shooter will need to sign up again and start at the first level of a discipline. Prior year qualification levels earned do not carry forward. Think of this as an annual qualification to help maintain your skills and improve your marksmanship. The range will not administer "old" qualification records (from a prior year) but shooters with "old" qualification records may choose to work on their own to continue where they left off. Keep in mind, "old" qualification records are not eligible for the range-administered incentive awards.

The range reserves the right to adjust and revise aspects of this program and substitute award items. All aspects of this program are subject to change and revision. Acts of Nature, War, Terrorism, and National Health issues related to COVID pandemic may require modification of and to aspects of this program including opportunity dates, awards, and more.

Firearm Incentive Award Eligibility

To receive a firearm as an incentive award, participant/shooter must be an Alaska resident and claim the award in person, and legally be able to possess the firearm. To receive a pistol as an incentive award, participant/shooter must be age 21 or older. A parent or legal guardian sponsorship and signature is required for youth participants (under 18), to receive a rifle as an incentive award. Firearm awards are limited to one per eligible participant per calendar year. One of the annual rifle awards will be designated for a youth (under 18) participant who earns the Distinguished Expert rating or the next highest rating in the .22 Rifle MQP. 

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