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Shooters participating in the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program (MQP), administered at the Fairbanks Fish and Game Indoor Range, have the opportunity to earn an award package, just for participating in the program and working on their marksmanship! GLOCK, INC., and RUGER, have each provided monthly award prizes, to be awarded to selected participants who are working on the qualification program. (This applies to individuals who have signed up at the range to participate in the program for the calendar year and who are actively working on achieving qualification levels.)

Below is a list of recipients of the monthly award packages, for the 2022 calendar year of the program. Congratulations to all participants who have achieved one or more levels of marksmanship in the annual qualification administered at the range!

in 2022

Sponsored by GLOCK
GLOCK lgo 100

Sponsored by RUGER
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2022 Ruger monthly award eye and ear and cap

January Kellie W.
GLOCK Knife and Mug & GLOCK Goodies!
Andrew G.
RUGER Eye and Ear Pro, Cap
February Chilkoot W.
GLOCK Tac Light  & GLOCK Goodies!
Tucker H.
RUGER Eye and Ear Pro, Cap
March Caleb L.
AKT1 Electronic Earmuffs  & GLOCK Goodies!
Jillian M.
RUGER Eye and Ear Pro, Cap
April Grace G.
GLOCK Large Range Bag  & GLOCK Goodies!
Jack M.
RUGER Eye and Ear Pro, Cap
May Michele F.
GLOCK Backpack  & GLOCK Goodies!
Jacob D.
RUGER Eye and Ear Pro, Cap
June Carl S.
GLOCK E-Tool Shovel w/ Pouch  & GLOCK Goodies!
Ulises G.
RUGER Eye and Ear Pro, Cap
July ? ?
September ? ?
October ?  ?
November ?  ?
December ?  ?

Award items subject to change, may differ from description or images shown.

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