Registration: Alaska Interior Concealed Handgun Championship Shoot (Jul 9, 2017)

Alaska Interior

Thank you to event sponsors AIM-COMM and Alaska Ammo!

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Win $100... Register by May 15 and complete the match to be eligible for the drawing for four "Early Bird" $100 CASH drawings, provided by AIM-COMM, the Alaska Interior Marksmanship Committee. Must be present to win. Drawings held after awards.

DESCRIPTION:  Will your carry gear perform as you expect? Find out, plus have a great day at the range! Trophies, cash, and more, for awards! This fun, competitive, event is for shooters with medium to full size handguns, carried concealed at waist level, and also for members of law enforcement and military, with uniform duty gear. Target difficulty will be of intermediate level, with distances ranging from two to 18 yards.

First-time competitors are welcome! (We will schedule an orientation, for new shooters who register, which will include live-fire practice, and tips from some of Alaska's top handgunners. The range fees and target cost for the orientation will be paid for by one of our sponsors.)

EQUIPMENT: Handgun: if you carry it on your belt at waist level, muzzle pointed at ground within a 3- foot circumference of yourself, while standing, it is legal. Holsters must prevent trigger access while holstered. Belts, holsters, magazine pouches must be suitable for every day, all day carry. Participants must carry firearm and magazines on your person, at all times during the entire event. No double belts (except duty gear). NO RACE TYPE HOLSTERS.

Ammunition: Minimum 90 rounds, recommend participants bring at least 150 rounds. These calibers are legal but not limited to; .38 Special, .38 Super, .357 Magnum, 9mm, .40 S&W, 10mm, .45 ACP, .41 Magnum, .44 Special, .44 Magnum. If your caliber is not listed, it may be too light to knock down the steel or may be over-powered and ruin our steel targets. Ask the Match Director if you have questions ( No steel core or bi-metal bullets. (If the bullet sticks to a magnet you can’t use that ammunition.) Steel cases are OK.

Concealed Carry: Everyone, except active Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) and Military, with uniform duty gear, must shoot from concealed carry. Concealment garment must completely cover holstered gun and magazine pouches, with arms out stretched to sides, parallel to the ground. If garment needs to be buttoned or zipped to accomplish this, it must be in that condition at start signal at each course of fire. Extended magazines are OK when reloading from pouches. Standard length magazines only in pistol on start signal.


1st Place - Iron Sight, 4-inch barrel or longer - $300 cash
1st Place - Iron Sight, under 4-inch barrel - $300 cash
HIGH LEO using Duty Gear - $300 cash, donated by Ryan King
HIGH Lady - $200 cash donated by Carrie Conley
2nd Lady - $100 gift certificate at Alaska Ammo
HIGH Competitor using inside the waistband holster (IWB) - $200 cash
HIGH Carry Optic (gun must be USPSA legal) - $150 gift certificate at Alaska Ammo
HIGH Single Stack (any manufacture) - $150 gift certificate at Alaska Ammo
HIGH Revolver (seven and eight shot OK) - $100 gift certificate at Alaska Ammo
HIGH Military using Duty Gear - award to be determined
RED LANTERN - $100 cash, donated by AIM-COMM, the Alaska Interior Marksmanship Committee

Note: More prize categories and higher values may be offered, dependent on number of competitors/sponsors.

ENTRY FEE: $55.00, pre-registration required. (Includes competitor lunch, sponsored by Alaska Ammo!)

DATES & TIMES: Sunday, July 9, 2017. Competitor sign-in starts at 8 A.M. Shooter meeting scheduled for 8:45 A.M. Shooting begins at 9 A.M.

LOCATION: Outdoor Range, Mile 27 Steese Highway (5355 Steese Highway), just north of Fairbanks, in Chatanika, Alaska.


QUESTIONS: Contact Bill Filiaga by email at

This event is conducted by the Tactical and Practical Shooting (TAPS) Program of AIM-COMM, the Alaska Interior Marksmanship Committee, a non-profit 401(C)(3) corporation. AIM-COMM’s purpose is to foster the development of marksmanship, the safe and ethical use of firearms and to support and promote use of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range, in Fairbanks, Alaska.    


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