High Aggregate of the Year for Bullseye Pistol

High Aggregate (Bullseye Pistol)
Score of the Year for the AIM-COMM Leagues

Best score of the year out of a possible 300-20x,
for a Slow Fire (B2), Timed Fire (B3), and Rapid Fire (B3) target aggregate, fired in a league shoot.

2001 Sam Coleman 289 -
2002 Glenn Miller 290 -
2003 Steve Belmont 290 -
2004 Richard Briggs 296 -
2005 Everett Williamson 293 -
2006 Pamela Roehl 293 -
2007 Everett Williamson 294-8x -
2008 Justin Farnsworth 293-9x .22 XV
2009 Everett Williamson 295-9x .22 XVI
2010 Everett Williamson 293-7x .22 XVIII
2011 Richard Briggs 292-10x .22 XX
2012 Paul Maki 293-12x .22 XXIV
2013 Justin Farnsworth 290-6x .22 XXVIII
2014 Everett Williamson 293-10x .22 XXXI
2015 Robert Osterhaudt 285-10x .22 XXXIII
2016 Jon Skinner 292-14x .22 XXXVI
2017 Jon Skinner 296-9x  .22 XXXVIII
2018 Jon Skinner 293-9x .22 XL
2019 Landon Hawk 289-5x .22 XLIV
2020 Landon Hawk 279-6x .22 XLIX
2021 Wayne Miller 285-3x .22 LI
2022 Chilkoot Ward 288-5x .22 LIV
2023 Chilkoot Ward 283-6x .22 LVII
2024 ? ? ?
Brian Zins multi year national pistol champion

BRIAN ZINS' TOP FIVE Reasons for Shooting Bullseye Pistol

December 31, 2015

1. The Challenge.
I have shot lots of different disciplines. From Olympic International style Pistol to NRA Action. I find that Bullseye, with the different guns and three stages of fire, and the distances, makes bullseye probably the toughest game out there. A one-day 2700 is mentally and physically draining. A three-day National Championship is just as bad. Having to perform at your best for three days in a row is tough. In most all shooting disciplines, it is not uncommon for one to shoot the possible score; a perfect score. A perfect 2700 has never been shot and dare I say probably never will be. The record stands at 2680, and only one guy has been able to accomplish that.

2. Not the most expensive game out there.
Two guns and ammo. So, whatever your budget allows, you can play; you can start without breaking the bank and get better gear as your skill level gets better.

3. Training.
You can almost master this sport simply by dry fire. Proper dry fire, and evaluation, that is. And, if you shoot another discipline, this is the only game that will help you get better at any shooting discipline. Pure, fundamental, marksmanship skills transfer to any discipline.

4. It's ageless.
There is no running around like a crazy person. Young and old alike can shoot this sport. You can shoot under covered firing positions so not a lot of matches get rained out. You can shoot indoors and year round.

5. The people.
Bullseye shooters are by far the friendliest and most helpful competitors I have met. If someone wants to get started or just try it, find a match, show up and introduce yourself. Someone will be more than happy to show you the ropes and more than likely will let you shoot their guns and give it a whirl. I have had gun trouble on the line and others have offered up their back-up gun for me to use.

About Brian Zins

Brian "Gunny" Zins is an advocate of Bullseye Pistol shooting. He is also a record-breaking, 12-time (as of this post), national pistol champion. Zins earned an unprecedented 12 national pistol champion titles, and starred in the History Channel's "TOP SHOT" show. Zins was runner up of the show's competition in 2011 and he appeared in the 2013 season. Zins is former national manager of the NRA Pistol Programs in the competitive shooting division, and former United States Marine Corps military police officer and Gunnery Sergeant. Zins visited Fairbanks in January, 2015, and conducted a sold-out Bullseye Pistol Shooting clinic sponsored by AIM-COMM and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range. Zins was also the guest speaker at AIM-COMM's volunteer recognition banquet. Thank you, Brian, for providing this TOP FIVE list for AIM-COMM to help promote Bullseye Pistol! - AIM-COMM Webmaster

Example of an aggregate of targets for the AIM-COMM Bullseye Pistol indoor Leagues

Bullseye Pistol - Course of Fire for the AIM-COMM Leagues

Bullseye Pistol is FUN and CHALLENGING!

Course of Fire:

  • Conventional, indoor 50-feet, bullseye gallery course, off-hand (one-handed), with slow, timed, and rapid-fire
  • Centerfire (.32 to .45, no magnum ammo) OR Rimfire (.22LR) Pistol (semi-auto or revolver)
  • Iron/Open, Aperture, or Optical (scopes, red dots) sights (no laser sights)

The Details...

AIM-COMM's Bullseye Pistol Leagues involve firing, during each match, a 90-round, three aggregate, course of fire, worth a possible 900 points and 60 Xs (an X is scored when the center, "X" ring, on either a timed-fire or rapid-fire target is hit) as follows:

A bullseye pistol aggregate with a B-2 slow-fire target, a B-3 timed-fire target, and a B-3 rapid-fire target.

  • Slow-fire: 30 shots, fired with 10 shots (with up to 10 minutes for all 10 shots) on three different B2 Slow-fire targets
  • Timed-fire: 30 shots, fired with 10 shots (two, five-shot strings, with 20 seconds per string) on three different B3 Timed-fire targets
  • Rapid-fire: 30 shots, fired with 10 shots (two, five-shot strings, with 10 seconds per string) on three different B3 Rapid-fire targets

Typically, multiple relays (with up to 10 shooters on the firing line at a time at the indoor range) are conducted, with shooters firing a complete aggregate each relay, for a total of three aggregates per match. An aggregate is worth a total possible 300 points and 20 Xs and includes:

  • One Slow-fire target (B2), with 10 shots total (with up to 10 minutes to fire all 10 shots)
  • One Timed-fire target (B3), with 10 shots total (fired in two, five-shot strings, with 20 seconds per string)
  • And, one Rapid-fire target (another B3), with 10 shots total (fired in two, five-shot strings, with 10 seconds per string)

National Match Course...

AIM-COMM's Bullseye Pistol Leagues offer just a sample of traditional bullseye, conventional pistol, now referred to as NRA Precision Pistol shooting. National Matches are 50-yard, three-gun affairs (.22 rimfire pistol, centerfire pistol, and .45 pistol which may serve as the centerfire pistol as well), firing 90 rounds with each type of gun, for a possible 2,700 points and 180 Xs.

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