High Aggregate of the Year for Bullseye Pistol

High Aggregate (Bullseye Pistol)
Score of the Year for the AIM-COMM Leagues

Best score of the year out of a possible 300-20x,
for a Slow Fire (B2), Timed Fire (B3), and Rapid Fire (B3) target aggregate, fired in a league shoot.

2001 Sam Coleman 289 -
2002 Glenn Miller 290 -
2003 Steve Belmont 290 -
2004 Richard Briggs 296 -
2005 Everett Williamson 293 -
2006 Pamela Roehl 293 -
2007 Everett Williamson 294-8x -
2008 Justin Farnsworth 293-9x .22 XV
2009 Everett Williamson 295-9x .22 XVI
2010 Everett Williamson 293-7x .22 XVIII
2011 Richard Briggs 292-10x .22 XX
2012 Paul Maki 293-12x .22 XXIV
2013 Justin Farnsworth 290-6x .22 XXVIII
2014 Everett Williamson 293-10x .22 XXXI
2015 Robert Osterhaudt 285-10x .22 XXXIII
2016 Jon Skinner 292-14x .22 XXXVI
2017 Jon Skinner 296-9x  .22 XXXVIII
2018 Jon Skinner 293-9x .22 XL
2019 Landon Hawk 289-5x .22 XLIV
2020 Landon Hawk 279-6x .22 XLIX
2021 Wayne Miller 285-3x .22 LI
2022 Chilkoot Ward 288-5x .22 LIV
2023 Chilkoot Ward 283-6x .22 LVII
2024 ? ? ?
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