Bullseye Pistol - Course of Fire for the AIM-COMM Leagues

Bullseye Pistol is FUN and CHALLENGING!

Course of Fire:

  • Conventional, indoor 50-feet, bullseye gallery course, off-hand (one-handed), with slow, timed, and rapid-fire
  • Centerfire (.32 to .45, no magnum ammo) OR Rimfire (.22LR) Pistol (semi-auto or revolver)
  • Iron/Open, Aperture, or Optical (scopes, red dots) sights (no laser sights)

The Details...

AIM-COMM's Bullseye Pistol Leagues involve firing, during each match, a 90-round, three aggregate, course of fire, worth a possible 900 points and 60 Xs (an X is scored when the center, "X" ring, on either a timed-fire or rapid-fire target is hit) as follows:

A bullseye pistol aggregate with a B-2 slow-fire target, a B-3 timed-fire target, and a B-3 rapid-fire target.

  • Slow-fire: 30 shots, fired with 10 shots (with up to 10 minutes for all 10 shots) on three different B2 Slow-fire targets
  • Timed-fire: 30 shots, fired with 10 shots (two, five-shot strings, with 20 seconds per string) on three different B3 Timed-fire targets
  • Rapid-fire: 30 shots, fired with 10 shots (two, five-shot strings, with 10 seconds per string) on three different B3 Rapid-fire targets

Typically, multiple relays (with up to 10 shooters on the firing line at a time at the indoor range) are conducted, with shooters firing a complete aggregate each relay, for a total of three aggregates per match. An aggregate is worth a total possible 300 points and 20 Xs and includes:

  • One Slow-fire target (B2), with 10 shots total (with up to 10 minutes to fire all 10 shots)
  • One Timed-fire target (B3), with 10 shots total (fired in two, five-shot strings, with 20 seconds per string)
  • And, one Rapid-fire target (another B3), with 10 shots total (fired in two, five-shot strings, with 10 seconds per string)

National Match Course...

AIM-COMM's Bullseye Pistol Leagues offer just a sample of traditional bullseye, conventional pistol, now referred to as NRA Precision Pistol shooting. National Matches are 50-yard, three-gun affairs (.22 rimfire pistol, centerfire pistol, and .45 pistol which may serve as the centerfire pistol as well), firing 90 rounds with each type of gun, for a possible 2,700 points and 180 Xs.

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