Alaska NRA Youth Hunter Education Challenge
State Championship

FOR KIDS! (under age 19, or 19 and enrolled in high school for part of the year) who have completed Basic Hunter Education. Youth often compete as part of a team of five (plus one adult coach), but compete as individuals, as well. There are two age categories, Junior (ages 14 and younger) and Senior (ages 15-19).

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Thank you and congratulations! The 2017 Alaska YHEC State Championship has concluded, with 49 youth competitors competing in eight challenge events. Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors who make YHEC possible! Congratulations to all the competitors! Thank you to all the coaches and families that helped youth participate in the 2017 Alaska YHEC!

Alaska YHEC 2017 - Results


1st - Quinn Moon
2nd - Megan Weisensel
3rd - Brody McEwen

1st - Zeber Khan
2nd - Megan Booysen
3rd - Michael Squires
pdf ExamScoresIndiv.pdf (14 KB)
pdf ExamScoresTeam.pdf (14 KB)
1st - Megan Weisensel
2nd - Dominic Austin
3rd -  Brody McEwen
1st - Megan Booysen
2nd - Van Levey
3rd - Hannah Hausmann
pdf WildlifeIDScoresIndiv.pdf (14 KB)
pdf WildlifeIDScoresTeam.pdf (14 KB)
1st - Zachery Wiggins
2nd - Megan Weisensel
3rd - Solomon Obolentsev
1st - Ryan Schmidt
2nd - Zeber Khan
3rd - Megan Booysen
pdf RifleScoresIndiv.pdf (14 KB)
pdf RifleScoresTeam.pdf (14 KB)
1st - Rachael Hausmann
2nd - Kaitlyn Hawk
3rd - Dominic Niva
1st - Zeber Khan
2nd - Micah VanderHart
3rd - Michael Squires
pdf MuzzleloaderScoresIndiv.pdf (14 KB)
pdf MuzzleloaderScoresTeam.pdf (14 KB)
1st - Dominic Austin
2nd - Zachery Wiggins
3rd - Bristol Brooks
1st - Michael Squires
2nd - Van Levey
3rd - Jacob Schmidt
pdf ShotgunScoresIndiv.pdf (14 KB)
pdf ShotgunScoresTeam.pdf (14 KB)
Archery 1st - Noah LaFleur
2nd - Rachael Hausmann
3rd - Brody McEwen
1st - Van Levey
2nd - Zeber Khan
3rd - Megan Booysen
pdf ArcheryScoresIndiv.pdf (14 KB)
pdf ArcheryScoresTeam.pdf (14 KB)
1st - Zachery Wiggins
2nd - Quinn Moon
3rd - Thomas Weisensel
1st - Van Levey
2nd - Zeber Khan
3rd - Hannah Hausmann
pdf TrailScoresIndiv.pdf (14 KB)
pdf TrailScoresTeam.pdf (14 KB)
Orienteering 1st - Thomas Weisensel
2nd - Megan Weisensel
3rd - Rachael Hausmann
1st - Megan Booysen
2nd - Zeber Khan
3rd - Hannah Hausmann
pdf OrienteeringScoresIndiv.pdf (14 KB)
pdf OrienteeringScoresTeam.pdf (14 KB)
1st - Zachery Wiggins
2nd - Brody McEwen
3rd - Thomas Weisensel
1st - Zeber Khan
2nd - Van Levey
3rd - Megan Booysen
pdf OverallIndividualScores.pdf (16 KB)
1st - Team Arrow
2nd - Team Spruce Grouse
3rd - Delta Bulls
1st - Black Bears
2nd - Brown Bears
3rd - Sharp-Shooting Trail Blazers
pdf OverallTotalsTeam.pdf (15 KB)
Sportsmanship Award  Micah VanderHart


Fun, friendly, competition with eight challenge events (four shooting and four hunter responsibility) related to hunter education! Lunch (on Saturday), Riverboat Discovery Cruise (Saturday evening, 2017 last year unless the Riverboat Discovery changes their plans), BBQ (on Sunday), Awards, and participation certificate included.

  • Archery
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Muzzleloader Shooting
  • Shotgun Shooting
  • Hunter Responsibility Exam
  • Hunter Safety Trail
  • Orienteering
  • Wildlife Identification

Visit the NRA's website with more information about the YHEC program.

Email Cassie Pinkel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.

Alaska YHEC - Challenge Event Information

  • Hunter Responsibility Exam - Alaska YHEC +

    Test your knowledge of hunter safety, ethics, responsibility, and laws. To study for this exam, review your hunter education class material and the State of Alaska hunting regulations.
  • Wildlife Identification - Alaska YHEC +

    Test your wildlife identification skills. This challenge may ask you to identify tracks, hides, skulls, bones, feathers, and signs of North American wildlife. To study, check out wildlife guides and books from your local library. Make flash cards and quiz your teammates. Visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (offices throughout the state) and look at the wildlife displays to gain more knowledge. If you can, visit the Museum at the University of Alaska Fairbanks to learn more!
  • Rifle Shooting - Alaska YHEC +

    Fire a .22 rifle to shoot at metal clanger targets placed downrange. Bring your own rifle or arrange to use the equipment we will have available. Juniors and Seniors will shoot at different distances and a the tie breaker shot will be sure to challenge your skills! Want to practice? Use the Fairbanks North Star Borough's outdoor range (located off South Cushman Street, south of the railroad crossing, on the left) open daily from 10 A.M. - 10 P.M.
  • Muzzleloader Shooting - Alaska YHEC +

    At this event, you will fire at targets using a muzzleloading rifle. The targets will be ASSRA 50 yard standing targets, placed downrange, at 25 yards. You will be allowed one sighting shot in the top left hand target bull. Then, you will fire one shot each at the other five target bulls, for score. The winner will be the highest score, X’s will be used as tie breakers. Incase of an exact tie, competitors' age will be used as a tie breaker, with the tie going to the youngest competitor. You may bring your own rifle and equipment or use one we will supply.
  • Shotgun Shooting - Alaska YHEC +

    Demonstrate your shotgun shooting skills across multiple clay target stations. 12 and 20 gauge shotguns and ammo provided. To practice, visit the Fairbanks Trap Club (or another range for shotgun shooting), during open hours. For Fairbanks Trap Club hours of operation, please call 907-457-6116. Tell the head honchos out there you are practicing for YHEC and they will help you out!
  • Archery - Alaska YHEC +

    Walk across our open field course shooting at life size animal targets. Seniors and Juniors will shoot from different, various distances. Only three practice shots are allowed before beginning the competition course. Archery equipment and arrows provided if needed. To practice, visit a local archery shop and range, or in a safe place near your home! (Make sure you have an adequate backstop and arrows won't go where they should not go!)
  • Hunter Safety Trail - Alaska YHEC +

    Demonstrate your knowledge of safe hunting practices in various hunting situations. Challenge your first aid and preparedness skills. Showcase your sportsmanship attitude. Answer "shoot or don't shoot" situations with hunting logic and by applying Alaska's regulations, ethics, and common sense. To prepare, study your hunter education material and the State of Alaska hunting regulations. Don't forget your "Hunter Orange," bug repellent, and water! What else would you bring with you, if you were out hunting (on foot)?
  • Orienteering - Alaska YHEC +

    NO COMMUNICATION DEVICES ARE ALLOWED AT THIS STATION. At this station you will be requited to: Identify the five (5) major terrain features on a map. Know the four (4) cardinal directions. Read the scale of a map. Determine a Grid azimuth on a map. Determine field elevation using contour lines. Compute distance either straight line, or along a trail. Find your location using intersection. Convert a grid azimuth to a magnetic azimuth, or the other way around. Compute a back azimuth. Follow a magnetic azimuth for a given distance and locate a target.
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