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Joyce Bateman receives award during AIM-COMM Bullseye Pistol LeagueI think maybe the first criteria for attaining the coveted Most Improved Shooter award is to start out with a score in the basement like mine was.

The next step is to care about improving that low score.

Of course, I neglected this second step and apathetically made my way through match after match, not really noticing how much my scores were improving. So, needless to say, I was shocked to receive the MIS award in the .22 league. I tend to be one of the casual shooters who joined the league to have fun and let the scores take a back seat to being involved with a really great group of people. I always get a lot of encouragement from other shooters, both from ones who have scores like mine and those who always see their names at the top, approaching ever closer to the elusive 900.

Most league shooters are more intent on their scores than I am. Then again, some shooters are really relaxed about scores, like me. The great thing about these leagues is that there are shooters of both types. No matter the skill level or intensity of the shooters, one thing is a constant--everyone encourages each other. In the end, that’s the most important aspect of this game called bull’s eye pistol shooting. So, come on, join a league! You’ll be glad you did.

Joyce Bateman

Editor's Note:
Joyce Bateman was a regular shooter at the Alaska Department of Fish & Game Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range in Fairbanks, Alaska, for many years until she moved to Montana in 2011. Bateman's enthusiam and great attitude were always noticeable and her shooting improved tremendously since she began shooting. Bateman volunteered as the recording secretary for the AIM-COMM board of directors and also as the league council secretary and was always offering to help with other events and programs at the range. Bateman was nominated for range volunteer of the year (VOTY) for 2011. Thank you, Joyce, for all your contributions!

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  • Course of Fire
  • Bullseye Guns

AIM-COMM .22 Bullseye Pistol LeagueAIM-COMM 2018 Fall .22 Bullseye Pistol League (XLIII)

(September 21 through November 16, 2018. Sign up for a Wednesday OR a Friday evening.)

Open to safe and responsible shooters, ages 10 and older, who have a range ID number which is issued by completing the range orientation and safety briefing at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range in Fairbanks, Alaska, during walk-in public shooting hours.

Registration now open! Register BEFORE OCT 1 for the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (save $15)!
Registration for Alternates will open after 15 Regular Shooters have registered (per evening), OR, after 30 total Regular Shooters from both evenings combined have registered.

Regular ($175) ($160 before 10/1)


Regular ($175) ($160 before 10/1)


Alternate ($75) ($60 before 10/1)

Alternate ($75)
(not yet open to register)


  • Organizational Meeting is Friday, September 21, 2018, at 7 P.M.
  • Practice, Matches, and Tournament with league meeting starts at 7:00 P.M., Wednesday OR Friday evenings.
  • Potluck and Awards held Friday, November 16, at 7 P.M. (combined Wed and Fri evenings).
  • There are a total of 20 Regular Shooter slots and up to five Alternate Shooter slots available, per evening (Wed and Fri) in this league.
Organizational Meeting
Practice Match SEP 26 & 28 WED/FRI 7 PM
Match 1 OCT 03 & 05 WED/FRI 7 PM
Match 2 OCT 10 & 12 WED/FRI 7 PM
Match 3 OCT 17 & 19 WED/FRI 7 PM
Match 4 OCT 24 & 26 WED/FRI 7 PM
Match 5 OCT/NOV 31 & 02 WED/FRI 7 PM
Tournament NOV 07 & 09 WED/FRI 7 PM
Potluck & Awards
(Wed and Fri .22 leagues combined)

Bullseye Pistol is FUN and CHALLENGING!

Course of Fire:

  • Conventional, indoor 50-feet, bullseye gallery course, off-hand (one-handed), with slow, timed, and rapid-fire
  • Centerfire (.32 to .45, no magnum ammo) OR Rimfire (.22LR) Pistol (semi-auto or revolver)
  • Iron/Open, Aperture, or Optical (scopes, red dots) sights (no laser sights)

The Details...

Bullseye pistol aggregate of targets for 50-foot indoor course of fire

AIM-COMM's Bullseye Pistol Leagues involve firing, during each match, a 90-round, three aggregate, course of fire, worth a possible 900 points and 60 Xs (an X is scored when the center, "X" ring, on either a timed-fire or rapid-fire target is hit) as follows:

  • Slow-fire: 30 shots, fired with 10 shots (with up to 10 minutes for all 10 shots) on three different B2 Slow-fire targets
  • Timed-fire: 30 shots, fired with 10 shots (two, five-shot strings, with 20 seconds per string) on three different B3 Timed-fire targets
  • Rapid-fire: 30 shots, fired with 10 shots (two, five-shot strings, with 10 seconds per string) on three different B3 Rapid-fire targets


Typically, multiple relays (with up to 10 shooters on the firing line at a time at the indoor range) are conducted, with shooters firing a complete aggregate each relay, for a total of three aggregates per match. An aggregate is worth a total possible 300 points and 20 Xs and includes:

  • One Slow-fire target (B2), with 10 shots total (with up to 10 minutes to fire all 10 shots)
  • One Timed-fire target (B3), with 10 shots total (fired in two, five-shot strings, with 20 seconds per string)
  • And, one Rapid-fire target (another B3), with 10 shots total (fired in two, five-shot strings, with 10 seconds per string)

National Match Course...

AIM-COMM's Bullseye Pistol Leagues offer just a sample of traditional bullseye, conventional pistol, shooting. National Matches are 50-yard, three-gun affairs (.22 rimfire pistol, centerfire pistol, and .45 pistol which may serve as the centerfire pistol as well), firing 90 rounds with each type of gun, for a possible 2,700 points and 180 Xs.


Curious what guns shooters use in the AIM-COMM Bullseye Leagues?

Below are just some of the guns shooters use in the leagues! From off-the-shelf to custom bullseye wadcutters, all sorts of guns are used. You don't need a "fancy" gun to shoot Bullseye. And, you can trade up or buy up as your skill and interest in the sport grows!

Benelli (1)   32
Browning (1)   9mm
Clark (1)  on 45 frame 38 SPCL
Colt (1) Government 1991 D1 45
Colt (1) 1911 38 SPCL
EAA (1) SAR K2 45
Pardini (2)   32
Smith & Wesson (1) Model 14 Revolver 38 SPCL
Springfield (1) 1911 45
Springfield (2) Range Officer 1911 45
Springfield (1) XD 9mm
Walther (4) GSP Expert 32
Baikal (1) IZH-35  
Benelli (1)    
Beretta NEO  
Browning (4) Buckmark  
Hammerli X-Esse  
High Standard (1)    
Marvel (1) conversion on 45 frame
Pardini (3)    
Ruger (1) Mark I  
Ruger (1) Mark II  
Ruger (5) Mark III 22/45
Ruger (1) Mark III Target
Ruger (1) Mark III Target w/ Volquartsen parts
Ruger SR22  
Springfield (1) 1911 Nelson conversion
Volquartsen Olympic  
Volquartsen Scorpion  
Walther (2) GSP Expert  
Walther P22  

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AIM-COMM is a proud supporter of many of the valuable educational programs of the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) and the NRA's defense of our Second Amendment rights. We thank the NRA, the NRA Foundation, and the Friends of NRA, for helping us with our mission to foster the development of marksmanship, the safe and ethical use of firearms and to support and promote use of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range, in Fairbanks, Alaska. AIM-COMM is Alaska's first NRA Gold Medal Club, and is an NRA Recruiter.

Gun Handling Safety Rules:

  • ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a SAFE direction!
  • ALWAYS keep your FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER until ready to shoot!
  • ALWAYS keep the gun UNLOADED until READY TO USE!